Definition of rolling

The process of rolling consists of a technique of deformation of metallic surfaces by a strong pressure exerted by the rollers of hardened steel with the aid of mechanisms with high precision

The result of the rolling process is a solid finish and tempered, but above all perfectly levigaata. Modern apparecchiatture for rolling work to a very high level of precision preset to ensure absolutely perfect results

General information on the rolling process
  1. The initial section of parts to be rolled must always be chamfered: if the design of the part requires a relief, then the relief must be chamfered too.
  2. Bear in mind That the chamfer is almost Entirely eliminated after rolling. If they can chamfer is insufficient, excess material would Axially force against the sides of the tool threads causing them to break.
  3. If possible avoid re-rolling of parts already threaded or splined and reduce tool fitting and removal operations to the minimum, given that during set-up, axial pressure against the sides of the thread would irreparably compromise tool life.
  4. When producing parts with splined or knurled profiles the section of the parts to be rolled must not rest against the support blade. Whenever possible, we recommend to position the parts between centers.
  5. If possible avoid spline profiles with a pressure angle of less than 80 to increase tool life.
  6. For cooling we advise using lubricating oils with a density of 30-40 SAE rather than cutting oils. Furthermore we recommend rolling operations be performed using high-speed rotation and slow penetration of the tools in the part so that the threads are never overloaded, namely, the penetration rate must be gradual, a very important factor for the performance of tools.
  7. When producing splined or knurled profiles, brushes should not be in contact with the tools that they are intended to clean. We advise increasing the jets of cooling oil and, from time to time, cleaning off the teeth of the tool either manually or using compressed air in order to remove any metal particles that may be trapped within the tool profile itself.

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