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    Refil S.r.l.
    A solid point of reference for customers seeking
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    Production range Refil
    We use the latest technology to shape four different types of tools:
    racks, rollers, rollers for heads and other ...
    We guarantee the TOP quality!
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    Technology to Top!
    Thanks to sophisticated software, updated continuously, we guarantee a top design!
    Trained technicians provide prompt responses and decisive in any eventuality
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    Staff young and motivated
    In every department we can count on a young and motivated staff, where everyone is fully empowered
    Snel cooperate together with everyone else for the achievements of our business objectives!.



REFIL cold rolling tools Profile generation by rolling, based on the principle of metal cold plastic deformation, is the most advanced and cheapest solution for the obtaining of threads, splines and grooves.

Production Racks Refil

The racks produced by our group are designed in the company through special software dedicated, and rapprentano the result of a long and certified experience

The production process uses machinery C.N.C. and highly qualified personnel.

workingRolls Refil.

Our long experience and tradition in the production of tools go hand in hand with the most sophisticated technological innovations...

This, together with the research on steels, the accuracy of the profiles and to the stringent checks during the manufacturing process, enables us to create high-quality tools and functionality for each application

Production Rolls for heads Refil.

We produce roller heads for over 40 years, and we consider ourselves as a real quality alternative to original products.

These tools are perfectly adaptable to the technical specifications required by the various manufacturers of rolling equipment, and we can ensure the production of roller profiles and special features.

Management Refurbished products

The Refil srl It is perfectly equipped to carry out the regeneration of worn racks or rollers that are sent to us by customers, even if not originally manufactured by us.


Computerized technology


Our Technical Department is based on the latest computer technology, operating through software last generation, and constantly updated pe stay up to date with technological developments.

The management of the technique is entrusted to a young team and prepared, able to use technologies as a function also of the specific needs dictated by our Customers!


Our Team a cohesive, organized by four departments, within which each employee is fully empowered and interested personally in pursuit of common objectives

Technical Department

The seamless integration between technical, computers and software dedicated to the latest generation allows us to be constantly in step with the times and to solve technological challenges.

Sales Department

Qualified personnel, expert and language skills, is able to consistently meet the needs of each customer for qalsiasi needs and / or special requests

Accounting Department

THE our Administrative department works daily to keep in order each accounting aspect, and will be at your disposal for any information of an administrative nature.


Our company can rely on a proven network of partners, can guarantee all the support and coaching necessary to achieve its business objectives..



In Refil we can develop other products, which require the realization of complex profiles of high precision with restricted tolerances...

Rollers for profiling Mole

Rollers for normal and special forms for the various forms and applications required by customers.

Rollers for Browning - Calibration - Upsetting

Rollers for calibration, burnishing and upsetting manufactured with modern machinery and sophisticated


choose us

Choosing a business partner rather than another is always a delicate situation, and we believe it is appropriate to help you choose three good reasons to prefer us!

The our Mission...

Our main mission is to ensure our customers QUALITY ', and especially ACCURACY RELIABILITY'


We constantly invest time and resources on technological developments that allow us to improve the product.

Our Team...

We are a close-knit team in which each subject cooperates responsibly to achieve corporate objectives



Here's a rundown on some of our most important customers, with whom we work for years, to the mutual satisfaction.

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