Production rolls heads

rolls heads

REFILL srl It produces more than 40 years rolls for heads to taxi. These tools are perfectly adaptable to the technical specifications required by the various manufacturers of equipment rolling. REFIL srl It aims to be a real alternative to the original products of quality, even for rollers with profiles and special features. Guaranteed affordable prices and short delivery times thanks to a large stock of finished rolls.

Production rolls for heads Refill

REFIL rolls for heads are the result of the extensive experience, research and organisation of a leading company in the market. Rolls for heads are designed using self-developed software. C.N.C. machines and a highly skilled staff are employed in the manufacturing process.

Axial Rolls (1 set = 3 rolls) for heads make
Fette - Wagner - Alco - Reed - ecc...

Tangential Rolls (1 set = 2 rolls) for heads make:
Fette - Reed - Tornos - Autor - Saco - ecc...

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Axial 1
Axial 2
Tangential 1
Tangential 2
helical rolls
Rolls for heads



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